Execution of Wills and Division of Estates

When a person dies, their heirs have to deal with many different tasks and challenges, some of which can be quite demanding. The most important of these involves obtaining a clear overview of the estate and then dividing it. In the case of complex estate settlements, or in the event that disputes arise among the estate’s heirs, the prior appointment of an executor of a will can ensure that the estate will be settled in line with the wishes of the testator. An executor can also manage the estate’s assets until the settlement has been completed and the estate has been divided.

If the testator chooses not to appoint an executor, the heirs must divide the estate among themselves in line with the wishes expressed by the deceased in the will, and in accordance with any applicable laws. During the process of dividing the estate, legal and practical issues can arise that might best be addressed with the assistance of an attorney.

We will be happy to clarify in a personal consultation with you whether any need exists to appoint an executor, and if so, which individuals might be considered to carry out such an assignment. We can also assist you with the division of your estate and the actual process for appointing an executor.


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