Funding Rounds

“I have developed the perfect business case, but I do not have the required liquidity to implement it.” This is a challenge faced by many entrepreneurs. There are very different ways to go about obtaining funding for a new business: In an early stage, the required funds are often obtained from friends and family or through government support programmes, while in later stages it is usually professional investors (such as business angels or venture capitalists) who provide the liquidity to further develop the company. In an even later stage, bank loans become a more realistic and financially interesting option.

When obtaining funding from these various sources in different stages of development, one need to be familiar with the clauses that are normally included in the associated agreements. Only an awareness of these contractual key points can lead to a successful negotiation. We have been involved in numerous funding rounds, which means we have the required expertise to advise you and negotiate term sheets and investment agreements on your behalf. Furthermore, we are happy to draft the notarial documents to implement your capital increase.


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