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Company successions are usually a highly emotional affair. Sooner or later, every business owner asks themselves what is to become of their life’s work.

Should it be handed over to a child or someone else in the family while the owner is still alive, bequeathed to them in a will, or sold to them? Another possibility is to offer a management buyout, or to sell the company to an external party.

Ideally, successions should be addressed well in advance of a transfer, as this ensures that sufficient time is available to plan and take appropriate action with regard to business, tax and inheritance issues. Early planning, for example, makes it possible to exploit positive market developments, ensure suitable tax structuring or promote internal or external candidates for succession.

As one of the leading notary offices in the Canton of Berne, we have extensive experience with all types of company succession issues. We are therefore able to offer you sound and effective advice on succession solutions, business transfer options and business valuations, as well as on the associated tax, inheritance and contractual issues. It is our experience that support provided during succession planning can be very helpful.


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