Transfer of Real Estate

The purchase, exchange, or transfer of real estate by way of gift must be notarised. We will be happy to assist you with such real estate transactions, whereby we manage all the necessary notarisations as well. If required, we will also represent you in any proceedings that may need to be conducted with authorities (e.g. issues relating to the Lex Koller). In addition, we can provide you with advice concerning the best structure for your transaction as regards tax issues, and we can determine whether you need to take any action relating to marriage and inheritance law (e.g. mutual safeguarding of spouses’ interests when married couples purchase a home together).

As one of the leading notary offices in the Canton of Berne, we have extensive experience with all types of property transfers. In other words, we can offer you professional and efficient support for everything from the purchase or sale of a freehold flat to portfolio transactions involving several investment properties.


André Kuhn
Direct phone: +41 58 658 29 36

Marco Strahm Notariat
Christoffelgasse 6
3001 Bern

Phone: +41 58 658 20 00
Fax: +41 58 658 59 59

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